A New Phase

I’m excited about a new phase in my professional life, and in the ongoing growth of InterfaithFamily.

After founding InterfaithFamily as an independent non-profit in October 2001, and leading it until my able successor Jodi Bromberg took over as CEO in March 2015, and staying on to help as an employee through June 2016 – I’m no longer employed!

But I’m not retiring, either. I’m now self-employed, as an independent consultant, continuing to address the issue I still care very passionately about: engaging interfaith families in Jewish life and community.

I’m grateful to be consulting to IFF, initially on a half-time basis for the rest of 2016. I still think that IFF’s integrated web-based and local programming approach offers the single best available opportunity to engage more interfaith families Jewishly, and I still care very passionately about IFF’s continued growth. I’ll be working in particular on the Interfaith Opportunity Summit program that I developed for IFF in the first half of 2016 – and urge everyone interested in the issues to attend.

I’m going to continue to write about interfaith family engagement issues on this blog – I hope you will sign up to receive my blog posts by email – and will be sharing what I write with IFF. I’m also available to speak at and consult with other organizations – if you’re interested, please connect with me.

When I decided in 2013 that I wanted to continue to work at IFF but to find someone to take over leadership of IFF, most everyone said that a founder has to get out immediately (it’s euphemistically called the “graceful exit strategy” in business school circles). Jodi and I didn’t do it that way, but now it’s the right time: for me to add my voice to our cause on an independent basis, and to help IFF on a consulting basis where and when I can, and for IFF to soar under Jodi’s leadership.

It’s an exciting time of opportunity for me and for IFF, and I’m eager to see how it unfolds.